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    WHITE - 3 Personality Facts

    - I have a terrible sense of time. All of my friends now know to add 30 minutes onto whenever I tell them how long something will take.

    - I like to offer advice as much as I like to receive it. Which is probably too much :/ I just freaking love learning new things, if you want to hold my attention, just start explaining something to me. ANYTHING. I will soak it up. But be prepared for the same tsunami of information when you ask me something

    - I always need something to draw on around me at all times. Sketchbooks, iPad, Computer, Chisel. I get really antsy if i don’t have something within reach a can draw, or jot down notes with. Yes, I have pocket sized sketchbook and half pencils.

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    PURPLE - 3 Room Facts

    - Half of my wardrobe/closet is for clothes and such. The other half is for sex toys and bondage gear ;)

    - Technology in my room is currently a PS3, Playstation2, Wii, 3DS, DSlite, iMac, Macbook Pro, 3 Wacom Tablets, Printer, LED TV, and a Wii U gamepad because I can play it in my bed since I’m next to the TV room.

    - I have a fan in my room because I find it impossible to sleep without a cold breeze. This house is facing the wrong way for a decent airflow :(

  • Question: Blue, purple - alcoholandboys
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    BLUE - 9 Family Facts

    - I am the 3rd of 4 kids.

    - I am the only boy.

    - My 2nd oldest sister died from a stomach infection when she was 6, I was 3.

    - Most of my family is of a scottish descent. Explains the amount of gingeryness I have.

    - My family was very shocked when I came out, despite how much I thought they already knew :/

    - My sisters all look mostly like my father, and I look mostly like my mother.

    - Most of my family is allergic to bees.

    - We only ever owned dogs when I was growing up, and as result I have no rational fear response to angry or bitey dogs. I will pat anything.

    - I am the only family member who hasn’t almost set our house on fire.

    PURPLE - 3 Room Facts

    - My room is so insanely messy i have “stepping stones” of clear floor that I use to traverse the landscape.

    - I have drawers FILLED with trading cards, board game instructions, and video game manuals.

    - I have more sketchbooks and stacks of drawing paper, than I do actual books. Most of them are empty, waiting to be filled. 

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    YELLOW - 7 Childhood Facts

    - I was an incredibly fussy eater until I was 12. It might explain why I was so small.

    - My family moved to Belgium for 9 months when I was 11, I completed a whole school year in a non-english belgian school.

    - I used to pretend to read, before I could.

    - I sliced my entire foot open, to the bone, on a broken pool tile at a resort when I was 6. I still have a thick scar running the length of my foot.

    - The only schoolyard fight I was ever in, was over Pokemon cards.

    - I had the sickest Mullet ever for a 3 year old.

    - I never voluntarily read fiction as a child, it was almost entirely encyclopaedias.

  • Question: Green - timetomeetthewolfbear
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    GREEN - 2 Appearance Facts

    - I was a short and skinny teenager until the end of high school. I finally grew taller and fatter and beadier while in my early-mid 20’s (I’m still getting hairier and fatter now)

    - My eyes change colour daily. Usually they are a greeny-brown, But on some days they turn blue or grey. I have been told this is a sign of poor health :/

  • Question: green, white, grey - reallifescomedyrelief
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    GREEN - 2 Appearance Facts

    - My hair used to be whitish-blonde when I was little, and has slowly been darkening to what it is now. My beard has always been red though.

    - My nose has been broken 5 times. It is now super flexible, and semi-detached, and never bleeds from being hit.

    WHITE - 3 Personality Facts

    - I have a really good visual memory, but terrible everything-else memory. I can’t remember what someone JUST said to me. But I can recall the background props in a Dreamworks movie.

    - I REALLY enjoy feeling cold. Cold showers and wintery weather.

    - I spend a lot of time daydreaming. Like WAY too much for an adult.

    GREY - 2 Favourite Things Facts

    - I have an unhealthy obsession with trading card games. I try to collect as many different ones as I can. Especially ones that are defunct and no longer in print. (And i play MTG a lot)

    - Similarly, I spend an awful lot of time making my own card/board games.  2 of my final projects for High School and College, were both trading card games.

  • Question: white, orange - panzerbjoern
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    WHITE - 3 Personality Facts

    - I am always laughing or giggling. Always. Even when it’s not appropriate. I can’t seem to help it. But mostly people don’t seem to mind.

    - I mimic peoples accent unintentionally. If i’m talking with you, i’ll start copying how you say things. Other english-speaking accents are the worst culprits :/

    - I have a crippling fear of phonecalls. Making or Receiving. The Phone App on my iPhone is hidden three menus away.

    ORANGE - 6 Home Town Facts

    - My hometown had the most violent nightclub in all of the country :D

    - I found out there was a ‘beat’ 2 streets from my childhood home.

    - My hometown has a virtually non-existent gay scene. And an even less populated bear scene. I like living where i do now.

    - There has been at least 3 recorded instances of Acid Rain.

    - My first kiss (gay kiss, the one that counts), was on top of the mountain lookout.

    - The ONLY street names i remember from my hometown are the one I lived on and the ones on my paper route.




Purple: 3facts about my room

Blue: 9 facts about my family

Green: 2 facts about appearance

Yellow: 7 facts about my childhood

Orange: 6 facts about my home town

Red: 5 facts about my best friend

Pink: 4 facts about my parents

White: 3 facts about my personality

Grey: 2 facts about my favorite things

Black: 1 fact about the person I like

Or you can just ask questions if you want, anon or not!

Sure, this sounds like fun :)

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Made another dashing shirt! If you’d like to buy it you can find it here -

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Me playing a strip game of M:tG.  Yeah, I lost.

Fair warning to anyone who tries to play strip M:tG against me: I don’t lose often.

So glad you lost…

This is what happens when you play strip magic in Modern!

Last time i played strip magic it was a strip tournament. Came second! Lots of eye candy for me :D

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Chest Chuesday.
I sit like this a lot, huh?



Proud Papa :)

Please tell me he did the hand thing!?

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Enjoying my last weekend of Summer


Lookit what I made!